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Captricity’s handwriting recognition technology helps leading organizations in insurance, government and healthcare unlock access to the customer data they need to optimize business processes, improve decision making and enhance the customer experience. Captricity’s platform is the world’s most accurate data capture solution for complex handwritten and typed forms, offering the savvy enterprise access to transactional and legacy data trapped on paper forms – fast, secure and 99.9%+ accurate.

Captricity’s patented industry-leading document and handwriting recognition technology uses machine learning to achieve what OCR could never do. Captricity isn’t client-server software running in a data center; it was born cloud-native and runs massively in parallel as a service to help customers to automate and optimize complex business processes by turning paper documents into business-transaction-ready data. Captricity enables customers to improve operational efficiency and response times, reduce manual labor and paper handling costs, and enhance organizational profitability.