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Uninformed public opinion, outdated government and intergovernmental regulations, and inadequate existing funding models for research and development are the greatest challenges in effectively moving new technologies from the research lab to people’s lives. At the same time, it has been observed that most of the global challenges of the 21st century are a direct consequence of the most important technological innovations of the 20st century. ACES.AI aims at the innovations, applications and collaboration on new emerging science and technology of AI, brain science and cognition for future challenges.

ACES.AI is a global collaborative and innovation platform for emerging AI, brain science and cognition in American, Chinese and European Society(ACES). ACES.AI help the decision makers, entrepreneurs and innovators to engage with big firms, policy makers, civil society and the wider public to ensure that the AI technologies that society wants and needs are developed to maximise the benefits, whilst ensuring that the risks are understood by all the stakeholders, and reduced as far as is possible. ACES.AI’s mission is to build a new interdisciplinary collaborative innovation platform and collective intelligence of researchers, with strong links to technologists and the policy world, and a clear practical goal: to work together to ensure that we humans make the best of the opportunities of artificial intelligence, brain science and cognition as it develops over coming decades.

ACES.AI insists on so called ACES strategy which is not only focusing on AI, brain science and cognition areas but also fusion with humanity and art. ACES.AI recognizes the need to innovate and engage meaningfully with the entrepreneurial ecosystem to harness AI and brain science innovation and redefine R&D and product management. ACES.AI’s platform is an effective way for corporations and institutions to work with innovative products  and services of AI and brain science, fueling their growth and access to new market opportunities. As an innovation and productive platform, ACES.AI will facilitate market validation to identify customer, channel, and investment opportunities through proofs of concept and pilots with corporate partners and society




Regulation is important here, but the AI research and development process is also key. Which technologies are explored, and how they develop, are decisions that shape and direct society. Therefore wider society must be involved in deciding how technologies develop, how to fuse with humanity and where research and development effort is focussed.The shifting external context for firms and economies and the increasingly competitive global environment create pressure on the traditional research, development, and innovation models. Collaborative innovation platform based on AI and brain science, however, can foster new growth through products and non-market considerations that foster the evolution of entire systems.

ACES.AI’s values are to fuse multidisciplinary deep innovation of AI, brain science and cognition with humanity and culture for application, product and research. ACES.AI insists collaborative, humanistic and innovative approaches to create values for future enterprise, organization, life and society to improve how we live with healthy and happiness . We engage the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry insights, specially healthcare, education and consumer internet.

ACES.AI believes that in collaboration, innovation and application of AI, brain science and cognition, young firms bring fresh perspectives on nascent markets and are unencumbered by complex processes, the demands of large, influential customers, or the burden of fixed capital and human costs. Young businesses are often closer to those users and customers who represent growth-oriented markets and can be more flexible than larger firms in experimenting with different approaches. ACES.AI also thinks future of intelligence is the fusion of human intelligence and machine intelligence. It means AI, brain science and cognition can not develop without humanity and art.




ACES.AI evolved from our global project named FUSION(Future Ubiquitous Social Intelligence and Open Networking) which is collaborated and practiced in London, Berlin and New York. Project FUSION is to explore technology innovations and human ideas using AI, big data and internet. Actually, it is to employ AI and big data to uncover the innovation patterns and emotional factors from society specially engagement of humans. As the rapid development of science and technology and convergence of society and technology, it make us to think more about AI and brain and move more deeply to understand human and brain. We not only need to create value for business and innovation but also help make sense for humankind itself and society evolution by using AI, brain science and cognitive technologies. At the same time, our last years experiences in using brain science for modelling AI algorithms became excellent catalyst to combine AI and brain science to make it happen to fusion of humanistic intelligence and machine intelligence. Then, our social innovation experience help us rethink our way to make adaption of AI, brain science and cognition for humans, society and industry. We must engage people from enterprise, government and startups to collaborate with new model for this new era of AI and brain science, because this is not just technology revolution but culture, humanity and mindset.




ACES.AI is founded by Alfredo R Kai who has over ten years experience in artificial intelligence, brain science, big data science and cognitive computing in Europe and America. In early career time, he founded company as young entrepreneur on application of artificial intelligence and data mining for consumer internet, enterprise and healthcare. Also, he served as founder in startup of digital product and internet application for over five years. Later he began five years cognitive business journey for enterprise employing artificial intelligence, big data science and management consulting. Recent years, he move to solve humanity and society problems from global viewpoints by using artificial intelligence and brain science after deep thinking in technology, intelligence, society and human. Other co-founders are from UK, Canada and US. They have strong science and technology background and also humanistic recognition, hold phd or master degree from top universities and rich experiences in consulting, consumer internet, media, culture, arts and venture capitals. However they have the same vision to help human and society to benefit from application and innovation of emerging technology of artificial intelligence, brain science and cognition to improve productivity, capability and healthy across America, China and Europe.