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  • ACES.AI (American, Chinese and European Society for Artificial Intelligence)

ACES.AI is a global collaborative platform for innovation and application of AI, brain science and cognition. Its technological basics focus on the fusion of brain science and new emerging science and technology areas such as machine intelligence, robotics, cognitive computing and big data science. Our distributed team members connect partners to a global platform of technologies, products, innovation peers, industry experts, researchers, leading companies and startups who are ready to partner for AI and brain science based innovation and revolution. For enterprises, our platform provide technologies, product innovations, insights, intelligences and strategies enabling companies and institutions to act and lead in this evolutionary market and we provide structured platform engagement methods for founders, decision makers from vertical industry, researchers and key stakeholders to communicate and collaborate directly and openly with each other about relevant issues.

The AI and brain science related new emerging science and technology trends most likely to impact on the state of the world in the near future and was developed by cross section of experts from technology, business, sociology, culture, research and public policy. The technologies are expected to have major social, economic, emotional and environmental impacts. ACES.AI’s key value is to insist on meta-innovation and fusion-innovation of AI, brain science and cognition for creating value for enterprises, institutions, humans and society, and discovering global collective intelligence in America, China and Europe.

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Platform and Service

ACES.AI provide a platform of collaboration and productivity of technology and product innovation for business and institution across multiple disciplines and also help them to obtain global insights and collective intelligence on emerging issues related to the impact of AI, brain science and cognition. ACES.AI’s platform help enterprise and institution, as well as representatives of industry sectors that may be impacted by AI and brain science(such as healthcare, education, consumer internet, enterprise, ventures and media) to support best practices in the product, technology, research, development, and use of AI and brain science within specific domains.

Understanding the implications of emerging AI, brain science and cognition technologies are crucial both for the timely use of new and powerful tools and for their safe and humanistic integration in our everyday lives. The objective of the ACES.AI is to create a structure and shaped fusion of AI, neuroscience and humanity, and produce product innovation, solution and global deep insights that will be key in helping decision-makers, regulators, business leaders, startup founders and the public globally on what to look forward to when it comes to breakthrough developments in their areas.

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cognitive intelligence

Cognitive intelligence has an advantage to learn and adapt as new data arrives and to explore and uncover things you would never know to ask about.

brain science

The human brain is an amazing and powerful tool. It allows us to learn, see, remember, hear, perceive, understand and create language. So we make use of the theory of brain science to shape our special AI algorithms

data science

Data Science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem-solving, capturing data in ingenious ways, the ability to look at things differently, and the activity of cleansing, preparing and aligning the data

humanity & art

Instead of happening overnight, we’ll steadily enhance ourselves using emerging science and technology, not by replacing the parts that make us human but by building on them over time.

AI, Brain Science and Cognition Revolution

The last revolution is characterized by internet, communication technologies, and the digitalization of everything. The new evolution is the concept of blurring the real world with the technological world.The blurring of technology into every part of our lives is becoming the norm. AI is on a steady path to develop a computer that has cognitive abilities equal to the human brain, most likely within three decades. From what most AI scientists predict, this invention may enable very rapid improvements, toward something much more powerful — Artificial Super Intelligence — an entity smarter than all of humanity combined. It is a very effective way to advance the science and the quest to understand our own brains and minds remains as one of the great frontiers of science. Secondly, a computer model of the brain would be very useful for understanding diseases of the brain, which is vital for developing new treatments. Understanding the brain is likely to lead to insights that can be used to build better and more efficient computer systems. Note these three threads: future neuroscience, future medicine and future computing.

We are not talking about some imaginary future. The first level of AI development is gradually appearing in the technology we use everyday . With every coming year these advancements will accelerate and the technology will become more complex, addictive, and ubiquitous. We will continue to outsource more and more kinds of mental work to computers, disrupting every part of our reality: the way we organize ourselves and our work, form communities, and experience the world. Human intelligence has many dimensions: it is not simply the ability to understand maths, or science, or the arts. Indeed, it would appear to be the form of intelligence most valued by current human society.


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